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PopArt Piercing is promising you Passion, Art, Creation and the Authenticity.

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The Founder of PopArt Piercing

Grégory Cyr

“I have many problems in my life. But my lips don’t know that. They always smile.”

a little bit of history

The Origins of Piercing

The origins of body modification are extremely ancient. . What nowadays we call “Piercing” or “Body Piercing” already existed in Neolithic times. In Africa, for example, an Ethiopian tribe known as the Mursi, used to insert stone lip plugs or “labrets” inside their lower lips as well as in their ear lobes.

Examples of this art went on display in the Archeological and Anthropological Museum of the University of Pennsylvania during the exhibition “Bodies of Culture: a World Tour of Body Modification”. One of the many exhibits that visitors could see were the remains of a man who lived 2900 years before our time and whose ears had been pierced in several places.

We know that in ancient Egypt, men who belonged to the highest social classes wore golden earrings and members of the Royal Family even had their belly buttons pierced!

Earrings were also worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans and in Guatemala, remains of ear spools dating from 900 BC have been found.

Tongue piercing was extremely popular amongst the Aztec and the Maya communities. As an indication of their elevated social status, these pre-Columbian civilizations also wore jewelry in their ears, noses and lower lips. Even today, these kinds of ornaments continue to be popular amongst the peoples of this region.

Nose Piercing is a practice that comes from India and both here and in Pakistan, is a tradition that has been going on since the 16th century. Nose Piercing is a practice that comes from India and both here and in Pakistan, is a tradition that has been going on since the 16th century.

Having pierced ears has existed since ancient times and was relatively commonplace right up until the beginning of the 20th century. However, between the 1920s and the early 1960s, it became relatively rare in the USA

Nonetheless, after this period ear piercing once again became popular amongst American women. At the same time, both hippies and the gay community took it up.

Still in the USA, at the end of the 60s, certain young men started to have their ears pierced. At this time, it was generally the left ear that they had pierced as wearing an earring in the right one was considered an indication of homosexuality. Nevertheless, any man sporting an earring at this time was generally considered to be a “Bad Boy”, a rebel or a dropout.

During the 70s, piercing of other body parts became more and more popular amongst members of the gay sadomasochistic community. The first ever piercing shop, “The Gauntlet”, was opened by Jim Ward in Los Angeles in 1975. At the same period, the Punk movement took up this trend, the most noticeable difference, however, being the wearing of safety pins instead of traditional jewelry. “The Social History of Piercing”, a documentary made in 2004 christened Jim Ward “the Grandfather of the Modern Piercing Movement”.

Piercing arrived in France during the 1990s, in the main thanks to certain “Avant gard” fashion shows organised by the designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. It has become progressively more common place throughout Europe, as is the want with fashions coming from the United States. Nowadays, piercing is no longer just a trend and has been adopted by all spheres of the population regardless of age and social level.



Piercing is not the first Gregory’s passion but last eleven years in which he has been doing it, made him absolutely to adore this profession.

Grégory is a graduate of the University of Life, according to him the perfect compliment whilst studying drama and theatre in Paris.  To his eyes, life is a living stage.

All forms of art and creation fills him with pleasure and piercing is a succulent blend of both.

He loves all verbal exchanges, creation, acting, producing, lighting up and making a person beautiful and confident.  For him, the smile he sees out of the corner of his eye when someone has their new piercing is like the applause at the end of a show.

He truly believes that the essence of piercing is not just making a hole and putting a piece of jewellery into it.  He listens to what people want, he analyses it, and he makes suggestions and, if necessary, redirect his client. He is always guided by the fact that piercing is an Art and as such, it must be artistic.

It’s possible that he may even refuse to carry out certain acts of piercing but whilst always explaining why.

In 2008 Grégory opened L’Oeil de Chat piercing shop in Antibes after being trained through an apprenticeship with a skilled and experienced piercing artist. Passionated by Pop Rock music and other forms of art, he creates PopArt Piercing in 2015 in the warm ambiance of Rock & Roll and Pop Art, just like he wanted.

Here are some of the places and people that are important to my existence:
Normandy, Paris, Antibes, Croatia, flea markets and car boot sales, Alfred De Musset, Molière, cats, dogs, cows, clowns, children, Jim Morrison, The Doors, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Ramones, Oasis, Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis, Renaud, Patrick Dewaere, Charlie Chaplin, Louis De Funès, Coluche, François Ozon, Richard Boringer, Agathe Natanson, Joel Demarty, L,S,E.

Grégory Cyr

The +

Why choose popart Piercing?

To see the Art of piercing and its rules entirely respected
To be accompanied before, during and after the piercing
To receive an excellent quality of service which is both personalised and totally free:
Follow-up available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, after care, placing and alteration of jewellery, a personalised study of requirements

My Expertise in the field of Bioplastics

At PopArt piercing, all of the jewellery that is used when the piercing is done, is made from bioplastic materials (except for the Smiley which is made of white or yellow gold and the nostril and septum piercings which are in titanium).

Bioplastics are plastics that are not made from petroleum-based substances but products derived from renewable organic biomass (plant based) sources.

A bioplastic product is biocompatible, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and renewable. Unlike traditional plastics, which are produced from fossil fuel based carbons; bioplastics are made from renewable biomass carbons. They can be manufactured from whole plants, cereal extracts (such as wheat or corn), or even potatoes and also from glucose derived from vegetable starches or oils.

At PopArt piercing, we love excellence and bioplastics are without doubt the best materials that can be be used in the body. What’s more, their biocompatibility with the human body is not their only asset.

Bioplastics are ideal for piercing.

Definition of the adjective Biolplastic: Related to the capacity of living beings to heal and to regenerate(Source :


sterilisation and healing

They can be sterilised in an autoclave (a sterilising pressure chamber) – there is far less inflammation of the body part after the piercing –healing takes less time – the jewellery used can be adjusted to the millimetre and this material gives optimum comfort.

Respectful of the body

Any piece of jewellery used in body piercing must never, in any way, damage the capital we have been given by nature. Piercing jewellery such as Labret, Monroe and Médusa, apart from not deriving from bioplastic materials, can generate damage to the gums and, in the long term, cause teeth to become loose.

Teeth and jaws protection

When they are properly adjusted, bioplastics reduce the damage caused by titanium or steel to virtually nothing.


Once upon a time there were my ears…

It is essential that when you have your children’s ears pierced it is not just done at any old place, at any old time and any old how.

Children are an integral part of my life. I love their lack of worries, their simplicity, their sincerity and their authenticity. The world of children touches and moves me because it’s a world of innocence.

I have always been with children in both sports and theatrical environments as well as within the world of clowns.

They continue to be there with me. At PopArt piercing I am at their service with my love, my skills, my professionalism and my pedagogy.

Piercing an ear is neither banal nor trivial but a professional act. You don’t go and see a toothpaste seller when you have a toothache! You visit a dentist.

98% of women who have pierced ears, wear earrings all their lives. It’s important that the initial act of piercing be carried out respecting the art and its rules.

At PopArt Piercing, the minimum age limit is 4. Before this age, the necessary conversation with the child before the piercing takes place is not yet constructive enough and the ear itself is not yet ready to accept a piece of jewellery.

The request for pierced ears must come from the child themself. I will never force or incite a child to have it done, nor only go by the wishes of the parents.

First of all, and with the parents present, we take time to talk. My objective is to be sure just how aware the child is of what is going on. I want not only to reassure them but also to evaluate if it is the right moment to do so.

A prior visit to PopArt piercing before having the ears pierced can be a good idea. It gives both the child and their parents the time to think about their decision as well as making the child feel they are in a familiar place.

Just like with all piercing acts at PopArt piercing, the jewellery used is always sterilised and the act itself is carried out with a sterilised disposable needle, never with a piercing gun.

In order to understand the difference between these two techniques just look at the origins of each word. A needle is used to pierce. Any earring shot from a gun will tear and damage the flesh. By using a needle, any possible damage to the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue will be much less serious and the possibility of any potential problems much reduced.

What’s more, despite certain preconceived ideas, piercing by needle is much less painful.

Before the ear is pierced, a cold spray is applied to take away feeling and sensitivity from the zone. Having said that however, any parents who wish to use an anaesthetic cream may apply some beforehand.

To sum up: you must remember that there is no rush to get our children’s ears pierced, It must be the RIGHT moment, and it must remain a good memory. Don’t give in to the temptation to make them happy because “she’s been going on and on about it for a year”. The child has to be ready.

Let children remain children, teenagers stay teenagers and adults be adults if just with the spirit of a child…

  • EAR LOBE : 35 €
  • Third hole (cartilage) : 50€
  • GENITAL PIERCING : Consult us
  • DERMAL ANCHOR : 130 €

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